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When it's cold, wet and dark outside, we like to gather and eat and look at our favorite photos of birds!
When it’s cold, wet and dark outside, we like to gather and eat and look at our favorite photos of birds!
March 2016 slide show 01
March 2016 Slide Show and Potluck Dinner

In January 2016, Dr. Jason Johnston, associate professor of Biology and ornithologist at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, gave a presentation. He displayed the teaching collection of birds for us to study up close. There was a great diversity of birds on display and a discussion of collection and preservation methods. 

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Birding at Long Lake - November 2015
Birding at Long Lake – November 2015
Spying on a group of Bohemian Waxwings, November 2015
Spying on a group of Bohemian Waxwings, November 2015
Warming up with chicken stew and ployes at Dolly's after the November outing!
Warming up with chicken stew and ployes at Dolly’s after the November outing!


 Northern Waterthrush were abundant along the Perham Bog Trail on the May 16 trip.  Below, After reaching Salmon Brook Lake, the group spotted a pair of American Bitterns and a moose.

Birders on the May 9 Nordic Heritage Center Walk were treated to spectacular views from the peak of the mountain. A total of 19 species were sighted including Black-throated greens and this Black-throated blue warbler coming in for a landing. (see photo below by Omar Morales) 

Fort Fairfield’s April 25 Waterfowl Walk chalked up 24 different species including some interesting ducks: American Wigeon, Wood, plus a Long-tailed Duck seen earlier by Paul Cyr.
Photograph courtesy of Kathy Olmstead.

 Bill introduces Dr. Jason Johnston (pictured seated at right), who on Feb. 26,  presented “Forest, Food & Phenology: Research on Northern Maine Birds.  Photo courtesy of Tammy Kerekes

Dr. Jason Johnston, with student Dan Sheffield, nets a Gray Jay in the North Maine Woods, T11 R8, as part of his recent research on food use by forest birds.
“A Few Birds of Mongolia, and other things…”

A Black Kite flies over the Eg River in Mongolia. Photographed by UMPI Professor David Putnam who will present “A Few Birds of Mongolia, and other things…”  Last summer, Dave and his son Aaron traveled through western Mongolia collecting geological samples. But, of course,  they didn’t ignore the birds!
 Wear Your Aroostook Birders Pride!

Dennis Shepler models one of our Aroostook Birders knit caps. (Could this be a selfie, Dennis?) Contact Bill if you’d like to purchase one of your very own.
Other AB logo items available through Cushman’s in Presque Isle.

Lake Josephine’s evening birders were well pleased with the 38 different species. Highlights included an American Bittern, three young Red-headed Ducks and an appearance by Common Nighthawks. photo courtesy of Tammy Morris 

Visiting select birding sights, including the Fort Kent Block House, on our August 2, 2014, field trip to far northern Maine.

 Birders enjoyed a well-shaded stroll on wetland trails in Fort Kent.


Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge – Limestone: was the location for Northern Maine Bird Festival — June 7, 2014

Most would agree the premiere of the Northern Maine Bird Festival, a cooperative effort of Aroostook Birders and Friends of the ARONWR, was a huge success.  Approximately 200 people – many families with children – attended the day’s events. Over fifty different species of birds were sighted.
And the weather was superb!

Wildlife Ecology Professor Dr. Jason Johnston with “a bird in hand” at the netting and banding demonstration.

Friends of the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge provided plenty of raw materials and expertise for the birdhouse building station.

One of three live owls on display before the crowd at Chewonki Foundation’s “Owls of Maine” presentation.

A close-up view of Chewonki’s Great Horned Owl. Photo by Shawn Morneault 

Falconer Dennis Kerekes of Hodgdon with his hunting partner, a female Northern Goshawk in juvenile plumage. Photo courtesy of Dee Hawksley

Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Biologist Amanda DeMusz spoke on April 17 to our group about the natural history, management, and most unusual courting behavior of Maine’s American Woodcock. (see Woodcock trip details, May 15, ANWR).

Connie McLellan and Ron Gallagher open a box for cleaning on the March 1 Duck Box Day outing at Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge in Limestone.


below: Bill explains the difference between various seeds at the Jan. 11, Wild Bird Feeding Workshop held cooperatively with Friends of the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge.

Below: Aroostook Falconry was the topic of a Nov. 21 presentation by Dennis Kerekes and photographer Tammy Morris – shown here with Dennis’ latest hunting partner, a young female Northern Goshawk.

Wild Goose Chase II, was held Sat., Oct. 19, 2013
The highlight of Saturday’s trip was a rare Pink-footed Goose along with six Snow Geese spotted among the 1200-plus Canada Geese in Collins Pond.
(See photos below, and trip summary under “Local Birding News”)

 The group’s youngest birders zooming in on a group of Greater Yellowlegs at Collins Pond

Hawk Watch at Haystack Mountain near Mapleton, Sept. 21, 2013

Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Biologist Danielle D’Auria’s
presentation: Maine’s Herons & Cranes – Sept. 19, 2013

 Photos: Downeast Trip to Lubec & Moosehorn Refuge– July 27-28, 2013
(for further details, see writeup in “Local Birding News”)


 Photos: Birding at Lake Josephine & Christina Reservoir in Easton
with ornithologist Jon Greenlaw August 7, 2013
(for further details, see writeup in “Local Birding News”)


 For more information about northern Maine’s wayward White Pelican, see
“Local Birding News” and “AB News & Newsletters” – Volume 15

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